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How Faraday Bags Work

How Do The Faraday Bags (RF Shield) Work?

Faraday bags or RF Shield bags are enclosures formed by conducting materials, either solid or mesh. These specialist materials block external static electrical fields, (including radio waves). They are named after the British physicist Michael Faraday, who built the first one in 1836. An external radio field will cause the electrical charges within the conducting material to redistribute themselves, to cancel the radio fields effect in the cages interior. This effect can be seen here on this video from BBC’s Top Gear. In this instance, they use simulated lightening to strike a car, which acts like a faraday cage. Although this is obviously electrical current, it’s the same principal with radio waves.


Michael Faraday

About Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday was a famous British Chemist and Physicist who contributed greatly to the study of Electromagnetism and Electrochemistry.

Michael was born on September 22nd 1791 in London, England. His family were quite poor meaning that Michael only received a basic formal education. When he was 14 however, he was an apprentice to a bookbinder and managed to educate himself over the following 7 years by reading the books he worked on, (mainly scientific subjects). In 1812, Michael Faraday attended 4 lectures given by the Chemist Humphry Davy, (inventor of the Safety Davy Lamp for miners),at the Royal Institution in London. Following this, Faraday wrote to Humpry Davy, applying for the position of his assistant. Michael was turned down, however, he did, in 1813 gain an appointment to the position of Chemical Assistant at the Royal Institution.


In 1814, Davy invited Faraday on an 18 month trip around Europe which meant meeting with many influential scientists.

1821 saw Faraday publish his work on electromagnetic rotation, (the principal behind the electric motor).

In 1826, Faraday initiated the Royal Institutions Friday Evening Discourses and then Christmas Lectures.

1831 say Faraday discover electromagnetic induction. This is the principle behind the electric transformer and the electric generator – This discovery was absolutely vital as it allowed electricity to be transformed from a curiosity into a powerful new technology which he spent the following decade developing.

Michael Faraday died at 76 at Hampton Court, England.